terms and conditions

**General Terms of Sale - Digital Content Access Codes**

Please review the essential terms and conditions before purchasing digital game codes and/or content from our website, www.aussui.com.


**Section 1 - Who we are?**

1.1. These are the terms and conditions (“Terms”) upon which Aussui Ltd, a private company registered in the UK under company registration number 14627543, sells and supplies access codes to digital content through the website www.aussui.com.

1.2. Our website lists various digital content, e.g., downloadable game titles and other content (“Content”). We sell official keys issued by the publisher and/or the developer of the relevant Content (“Developer”), allowing users to unlock, access, and download the Content from the Developer’s platform (“Code(s)”). Please note that you may also be subject to the Developer’s end-user license agreement and other terms related to its Content and platform.


**Section 2 - How to Contact Us**

2.1. You can contact us through the support and ‘contact us’ links on the Website (https://www.aussui.com/contact-us) or by logging into your User Account (defined in section 4.1) and logging a customer support request or ticket or by writing to us at [email protected]. Irish Company manages customer services and technical support queries on behalf of Aussui Ltd.

2.2. If we have to contact you, we will do so by the email address you provided in your User Account settings.


**Section 3 - Your Eligibility**

3.1. **Requirements to Get Codes**
To acquire Codes from our Website, certain prerequisites must be met, including maintaining a valid User Account, possessing an approved payment method, having proper authorization to use said payment method, and having access to a compatible Device.

3.2. **Age Limitations**
If your country designates you as a minor, explicit consent from your parent or legal guardian is essential before purchasing Codes and accepting these Terms.

3.3. **Age-Restricted Content**
Please be aware that certain Content on our platform is subject to age restrictions. It is your responsibility to adhere to any age-related limitations.


**Section 4 - Your Device and Data**

4.1. **Device Compatibility**
Before confirming your order, ensure that your Device meets the necessary requirements for accessing and downloading the Content.

4.2. **Access or Data Charges**
You are responsible for any access or data charges imposed by third-party entities in connection with your use of the Website, including the acquisition of Codes.


**Section 5 - Your Privacy and Personal Data**

5.1. **Privacy Handling**
Your personal information will be treated in strict accordance with our Privacy Notice.

For the complete text, please refer to our Privacy Notice at (https://aussui.com/information/privacy-policy).

**Section 6 - Your Privacy and Personal Data**


**6.1. Privacy Handling**

Your personal information, when submitted to us, will be treated in strict accordance with our Privacy Notice. This document provides comprehensive information about the personal data we collect from you, the methods and purposes of its collection, storage, utilization, and sharing, as well as your rights regarding your personal data. For detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Notice, accessible at (https://aussui.com/information/privacy-policy).


**Section 7 - Terms and Conditions**

**7.1. These Terms:**
These terms and conditions govern your use of our services.

**7.2. Terms of Use:**
Our website is subject to the terms of use, which dictate your access and usage.

**7.3. Affiliation Program:**
If you're part of our Affiliation Program, its terms and related documents apply.

**7.4. IG Credits:**
For IG Credits recipients, our specific terms for IG Credits apply.

**7.5. Extra Terms:**
Additional terms may supplement or replace this agreement due to security, legal, or regulatory reasons. We'll notify you 30 days in advance. If you disagree, you can terminate the contract with 30 days' notice via email to [email protected].


**Section 8 - Key Information**

**8.1. Content Codes:**
We sell Content Codes for downloads, accompanied by product details. Images on the website are for illustration purposes only.

**8.2. Customer Support:**
If you need assistance after purchasing a Code, our Irish Company's customer service team is here to help.

**8.3. Content Updates:**
We don't provide updates for your purchased Content. Developers may offer updates at an additional cost per their agreements.


**Section 9 - Ordering**

**9.1. Placing Orders:**
To order a Code, log into your User Account, select your desired content, and complete the purchase process. A Confirmation Email will follow acceptance.

**9.2. Order Rejection:**
We may not accept your order for various reasons, including content availability, payment authorization, or pricing errors.

**9.3. Confirmation Email:**
Upon acceptance, a Confirmation Email is sent, marking the start of our contract.

**9.4. Accessing Your Code:**
After acceptance, access your Code through your User Account. The Confirmation Email doesn't include the Code itself.

**9.5. Pre-orders:**
Pre-order Codes for unreleased Content similarly. Cancellation is possible until Content release.

**9.6. Unusual Activity:**
We may refuse or cancel orders or accounts due to unusual activity. Please contact our customer service team if you believe this is an error.


**Section 10 - Accessing Your Code and Content**

**10.1. Using Your Code:**
Upon receiving the Confirmation Email, access your Code in your User Account. You'll need to visit the Developer's platform to verify and download the Content.

**10.2. Delays:**
We aren't responsible for external delays affecting Code access. We'll keep you informed if delays occur.

**10.3. Developer's Actions:**
We're not liable if you're unable to use your Code due to actions by the Developer, such as being banned from their platform.


**Section 11 - Pricing and Payment**

**11.1. Where to Find Code Prices:**
You can locate the price for Codes on the order pages, alongside the specific Content you're interested in. By default, prices are displayed in your location's national currency, but you can choose an alternative currency. If VAT applies, the displayed price includes the applicable rate. Please note that prices may change before purchase.

**11.2. Adjusting VAT Rates:**
If the VAT rate changes between your order and Content delivery, we'll adjust the VAT you pay unless you've already paid in full.

**11.3. Price Errors:**In case of pricing or product information errors, we'll promptly notify you by email. You'll have the option to confirm your order with the correct details or cancel it. Failure to respond within a reasonable time will result in order cancellation, and a full refund will be issued.

**11.3. Price Errors:**
In case of pricing or product information errors, we'll promptly notify you by email. You'll have the option to confirm your order with the correct details or cancel it. Failure to respond within a reasonable time will result in order cancellation, and a full refund will be issued.

**11.4. Payment Methods:**
We accept major card payments (details provided during the online order process). Payment cards must be authorized by the card issuer or payment processing provider. Various payment processing methods may be available, and you must adhere to their respective terms and conditions. We may add or remove payment methods at our discretion.

**11.5. Security:**
We prioritize your payment information's security with encrypted payment mechanisms. However, unless due to our negligence, we're not liable for any loss or damage resulting from