How can we help you ?

If you had errors during the payment process, resulting in a failed purchase and you didn't receive the product, but your money is shown as reserved or paid, our team will check the transaction and will refund you or complete the transaction.

Please be patient and allow some time for the refund to be processed. The duration may vary depending on your payment provider and can take a few business days. During this period, the reserved funds should become available in your account again.

Here are some common reasons why your payment didn’t work:

  • Insufficient funds

  • Incorrect payment information

  • Issues with the payment method

  • VPN or AdBlock interference

  • Authorization issues from the payment method

  • Inactive card

Once a key has been displayed or revealed, it is generally not possible to obtain a refund. This is because once the key has been revealed, it is considered used or activated, and the product is deemed delivered.

The Aussi wallet is a secure payment method that allows users to make payments from the funds in their Aussi account without needing additional bank or other financial data.

For this reason, only registered Aussi users can use the Aussi wallet as a payment method. Before making any purchases, users must top up their wallets to ensure they have sufficient funds for a successful transaction.

To use the Aussi Wallet, a user must first register with Aussi. After registering, go to the Top-up section, select the desired amount, and choose the preferred payment method. The amount will then be transferred to the Aussi Wallet.

How to pay using an Aussi wallet?

  1. Register or log in to your Aussi account.

  2. Select products and add them to your cart.

  3. Proceed to checkout.

  4. Select 'Aussi Wallet' as your payment method.

  5. Press 'Continue' to complete your payment.

  6. Enjoy your purchase.

We offer a wide range of payment methods to ensure we provide the best service and satisfy all our customers. You can choose from Skrill, debit and credit cards, Paysafecard, and more.

The payment methods available to you at checkout depend on your region. If a particular payment method is not listed, unfortunately, it cannot be used for that transaction.


Using a credit or debit card allows users to access funds deposited in their bank accounts. If you prefer not to register or log in to your Aussui account, using a credit or debit card is a convenient option. This payment method accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro cards.

How to pay using a credit or debit card:

  1. Select products and add them to your cart.

  2. Proceed to checkout.

  3. Select 'Credit or debit card' as your payment method.

  4. Enter your credit or debit card information in the required fields.

  5. Press 'Continue' to complete your payment.

  6. Enjoy your purchase.

In what regions is this payment method available? Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro cards are widely accepted internationally, so this payment method should not be region-restricted. However, if your payment is declined, it may be due to the card being region-locked or other issues preventing its use. In such cases, we recommend contacting your bank or choosing another payment method.


If your transaction was rejected, please ensure the following:

  • You have sufficient balance available.

  • You have provided accurate personal information.

If everything is correct, your balance will be returned to your account. If you do not receive it back, please contact our Support Team.


If you mistakenly purchased a product for the wrong region or platform, please note that refunds are not possible if you have already displayed or revealed the key. Once the key has been displayed, it is considered used or activated, making it difficult to obtain a refund.

To avoid such issues, carefully review and double-check the product details before making a purchase. Ensure the region compatibility (e.g., UK, EU, etc.) matches your intended platform (e.g., PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.). This information is typically provided in the product description or specifications.


To create an account, click on "Register" and fill in the necessary details.

Enter your email address and password. Verify your email. You can link a social media account during registration or anytime later from this page.

We offer users the ability to link, or sign in through various online platforms, such as Facebook or Google . If you already have an account and want to link it with other platforms, go to your Account and then Connected Apps. There, you can select and connect to your desired applications.

To remove a connection with any application, simply go to the Connected Apps page and select Remove.


Due to technical limitations, it's not possible to change or delete the email associated with an existing account. If you have a new email address, we recommend creating a new account using your new email.

Have you verified your Aussui game library?

All your purchased products are available in My Library when you log in to your account.


Have you checked the spam folder?

Sometimes our emails end up in the spam folder. Make sure to check there.


Are you sure of the email address you used for the purchase?

Ensure you are checking the inbox of the email address used for the purchase. If you believe you made a mistake when entering the email, please submit Order delivery ticket.


Check if the payment is reserved, pending, or already refunded.

Technical issues might prevent automatic delivery of the key. In such cases, the money will be refunded, or our support team will contact you directly. Please check your email for any messages from them.


Did you activate the game on the right platform?

Sometimes, customers buy a product on one platform and try to activate it on another (e.g., a Steam key won't work on Origin). Please verify that you're activating the key on the correct platform.


Did you copy the key correctly?

It's easy to make a mistake when entering the key. Double-check for similar characters like 'o' and '0'.


Did you follow the key activation guide?

The activation guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you. Make sure you have followed all the steps in the guide.

Check Payment Status

Depending on the payment method selected, it may take additional time for the transaction to complete. Certain payments, such as cash payments and specific bank transfers, may require up to 72 hours. Once the payment is finalized, the system will provide you with the key.

Verify Your Aussui Game's Library

All purchased products are accessible in My Library when you log in to your account. If you do not have an account, it is advisable to create one using the same email address utilized for the purchase to monitor your transactions.


These issues typically arise after activating the product. Our Customer Support Team can assist only with the activation and redemption process.

For product activation details, please refer to our Activation guides.

If you're facing issues with the product itself (e.g., it won't start, performance issues, bugs), we can direct you to the support team of the operating platform. Additionally, searching the internet might help, as others may have encountered and resolved similar issues. Ensure your operating system meets the product's requirements before purchasing, as some issues may stem from incompatibility.

Please note that we can only refund a valid key that hasn't been activated or displayed yet. Once activated, we cannot deactivate or remove the key from your account, meaning it holds value only for you.

After purchasing on Aussui, you can find your product key in two ways:

  1. Your Aussui account: Check the My Library section (available for registered users). To view the key, click the "View keys" or "Redeem key" buttons next to the product.

  2. Your email: The key will be sent to the email address used during the purchase. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder.

For pre-ordered keys, they will be delivered on the game's launch day. More information about pre-ordered games can be found here.