Anno 1800 Complete Edition Year 4
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Anno 1800 Complete Edition Year 4

The Anno 1800 Complete Edition Year 4 offers an extensive package for the game, including all the major expansions and additional content released up to Season 4. Here's what you can expect from this comprehensive edition:


Anno 1800 Base Game:

Dive into the dawn of the Industrial Age and experience a detailed city-building simulation set in the 19th century.


Season 1 Pass:

Sunken Treasures: Explore the depths of the ocean and discover hidden treasures and challenges.

Botanica: Build botanical gardens and enhance your cities with beautiful greenery.

The Passage: Navigate through treacherous arctic regions and establish a new outpost.


Season 2 Pass:

Seat of Power: Construct an impressive palace and exert your influence on your empire.

Bright Harvest: Optimize farming and agricultural production to feed your growing population.

Land of Lions: Expand into the Southern continent and utilize new technologies to thrive in the desert.


Season 3 Pass:

Docklands: Create modular harbors and optimize trade routes.

Tourist Season: Develop tourism and attract visitors to your cities.

The High Life: Build skyscrapers and create a bustling urban landscape.


Season 4 Pass (Future DLCs):

Seeds of Change: Explore new agricultural opportunities and enhance biodiversity.

Empire of the Skies: Master aviation technology and reshape the world from above.

New World Rising: Expand your empire across new territories and unlock fresh challenges.


Deluxe Pack:

Anarchist AI Character: Introduce a new AI opponent with unique traits and challenges.

Soundtrack: Enjoy the game's music with a digital soundtrack.

Digital Art Book: Explore the visual design and concept art of Anno 1800.

More: Additional in-game items and bonuses.


The Anno 1800 Complete Edition Year 4 provides an extensive and immersive experience, allowing you to build, expand, and manage your empire throughout the dynamic Industrial Age. With a range of DLCs, expansions, and additional content, this edition offers countless hours of strategic gameplay and city-building creativity.

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