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Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Basim is set to join the Assassin Brotherhood, a group rebelling against the Templar Order, which is determined to enforce peace on their own terms and under their control. The game's story unfolds in 861 AD, a significant 330 years before the events of the first Assassin's Creed game, serving as a prequel that pays tribute to the original game. Fans will notice similarities in the game's settings.


The game places a strong emphasis on parkour, assassinations, and stealth. The ancient city of Baghdad, with its dense array of large and tall buildings, provides an ideal environment for agile parkour maneuvers. Jumping across rooftops and scaling buildings is effortlessly executed. Players are offered multiple options to achieve their objectives, allowing for both bold, direct approaches and stealthy, covert tactics.


Basim wields new equipment that aids him in combat and escaping tight situations, including a detection mine that releases a concealing smoke cloud when triggered and a silent and accurate blow-dart for kills. Basim's journey begins under the guidance of Roshan, who imparts essential knowledge about becoming a Hidden One, a member of the Brotherhood.


The game provides a wealth of information about Baghdad's rich history as players progress, with new articles and insights unlocked as they delve deeper into the gameplay. This historical information is curated by experts and features contributions from cultural institutions and governments.


Mirage places a stronger emphasis on social stealth and parkour abilities compared to previous iterations of the game, as Basim is not a trained operative like other protagonists. Therefore, stealth and strategic thinking are crucial, with discretion often being the wisest approach. Attacks on Basim cause significant damage and impact his abilities until he is healed, which is not an easy feat. When engaging in combat, quick guerrilla attacks are his best strategy.


While Basim may not be exceptionally powerful or highly trained, his remarkable speed shines in the parkour elements of the game. Basim can use tools like the corner swing to hide from enemies and execute multi-kill moves when timed correctly, but failure may result in a hasty retreat.


Importantly, the game is set a century before the Assassins Creed organization is formally established. The fortress of Alamut is under construction, and only when it is completed will the Hidden Ones emerge from the shadows as Assassins.


The game features a compelling cast of characters that shape Basim's destiny, with hidden motives and mysteries surrounding them. The game returns to its roots with a renewed focus on linear storytelling and stealth gameplay, scaling back on role-playing game elements.


The in-game map of Baghdad, while relatively small, offers Basim a wide array of weapons and tools, including the signature Assassin Hidden Blade, smoke bombs, throwing knives, and poison darts. These weapons prioritize cunning and stealth over displays of brute force. Basim's weapons and tools can be upgraded through a skill tree, allowing players to tailor them to their preferences.


Basim has an eagle companion, but enemy archers can target the bird, so players should exercise caution when using Eagle Vision in the presence of many enemies.


A new mystical power called Assassin Focus enables Basim to slow down time, allowing him to attack multiple targets simultaneously. This ability can be upgraded as Basim progresses, allowing him to take out even more enemies at once.


Basim frequently comes across vaulting poles, which aid him in making incredible leaps across rooftops. The animations are fluid and realistic, enhancing the sense of power and agility. Basim can also enter buildings, explore various locations, and uncover valuable treasures. He undertakes missions throughout the city to help the Hidden Ones reestablish their presence.


The game offers a playtime of approximately 20 to 30 hours, depending on the player's approach. Rushing through the main story may take around 20 hours, while thorough exploration and completion of side missions may extend the experience to 30 hours.


Baghdad in the game is divided into four main districts, each with its unique characteristics. These districts are Round City (the central hub), Karkh (home to markets), Abbasiyah (housing the House of Wisdom), and Harbiyah (the northern district with a rougher reputation).


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