Minecraft (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)
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Minecraft (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

Embark on an adventure in randomly generated worlds and unleash your creativity by crafting anything from the simplest homes to the grandest castles. Whether in creative mode with unlimited resources or survival mode where you mine deep and craft weapons to fend off mobs, Minecraft offers a vast playground for your imagination. Scale craggy mountains, explore intricate caves, and mine large ore veins as you delve into the depths of this pixelated universe. Uncover lush cave and dripstone cave biomes, and illuminate your surroundings with candles to showcase your skills as a seasoned spelunker and master mountaineer!



- Creative Mode: Unleash your imagination and utilize limitless resources to build anything you can dream of.
- Survival Mode: Battle mobs, construct shelters, and navigate the landscape in a quest for survival and prosperity.
- Regular Updates: New tools, locations, and spaces are introduced through ongoing updates to keep your adventures fresh.
- Cross-Platform Play: Join forces with up to eight players across Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and mobile devices.
- Marketplace: Explore a variety of skin, texture, and mash-up packs from the community. Visit minecraft.net/marketplace for more details.



- Play with up to 10 friends cross-platform in worlds that exist anytime, anywhere, with access to over 150 pieces of Marketplace content.
- Try a free 30-day trial in-app and learn more at minecraft.net/realms/bedrock.

Explore Minecraft through Xbox Game Pass, available at xbox.com/gamepass.

Published by Microsoft Studios
Developed by Mojang/Microsoft Studios
Release date: 9/20/2017

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