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A Riot Access Code serves as a digital voucher redeemable for Riot Points, facilitating microtransactions within various Riot Games. These prepaid cards offer a hassle-free method to acquire Riot's in-game currency, allowing users to engage in optional purchases without requiring credit cards or bank accounts. Purchase a cheaper Riot Access Code to avail yourself of the affordability and possibilities presented by discounted Valorant points!


Do Riot Points function within Valorant?

Riot Points are not solely confined to League of Legends; they extend their utility to Valorant as well. Valorant, a popular FPS game developed by Riot Games, employs its in-game currency called Valorant Points (VP). Hence, Riot Points can seamlessly convert into Valorant Points, serving as a premium currency enabling the purchase of in-game items and Radianite Points. League of Legends prepaid cards can be utilized and applied within Valorant.


In fact, employing League of Legends RP represents a cost-effective alternative for topping up your Valorant account funds. The game's vibrant community continues to expand due to its exceptional gameplay, accompanied by stunning visuals and multi-dimensional, captivating characters. We encourage your participation if you haven't experienced it yet. The availability of affordable Valorant Points will undoubtedly elevate your entertainment experience!


What can you use a Riot Access Code for?

Similar to most in-game currencies, Riot Points obtained via a Riot Access Code serve to procure in-game content, enhancing your gaming journey and allowing for personal style development. Users can invest in tools for server and name changes, extra rune pages, level boosts, mystery chests & keys, and numerous other in-game assets. Notably, League of Legends refrains from selling items that grant power advantages; instead, cosmetic items significantly enrich gameplay. In Valorant, utilizing Valorant currency enables the unlocking of various levels, offering customizations like new visual and audio effects, animations, unique finisher variants, and diverse weapon skins.


What's the value of League of Legends gift cards?

Riot Games gift cards vary in their RP denomination, leading to differing League of Legends RP prices. These gift cards hold substantial value as a convenient payment method, eliminating the necessity of bank or credit cards to add in-game currency to your Valorant or LoL accounts. This not only saves time and effort but also money. At Eneba, frequent discounts and exceptional deals for Riot Games gift card codes are offered for your benefit. Remember, Valorant cards are region-specific and can only be activated within their designated regions.


How to activate a Riot Games card in Valorant?

• Log into the Valorant game client;
• Access the in-game shop from the top-right menu;
• In payment methods, select "Prepaid card";
• Enter your code to activate the credit;
• Click "Submit." Your Riot Points will be added to your account!


How to activate a Riot Games card in League of Legends?

• Launch the League of Legends client or visit to create an account;
• Navigate to the Store;
• Choose "Purchase RP";
• Select "Prepaid Cards" and enter your code;
• Click "Submit." Your Riot Points will be credited to your account!

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