OlliOlli World Rad Edition (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)
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OlliOlli World Rad Edition (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

The OlliOlli World Rad Edition offers an expanded experience of the vibrant skateboarding action-platformer, introducing exciting new content and challenges for players. Here's an overview of what's included:


Included Content:

OlliOlli World Base Game:

Immerse yourself in the vivid and vibrant world of Radlandia, filled with eccentric characters, vibrant locations, and opportunities for exploration.

Customize your character's appearance, tricks, and style as you progress through missions and challenges.


OlliOlli World Expansion Pass:

VOID Riders Expansion: Embark on a space-age adventure where extraterrestrial beings seek Radlandian skate specimens for their leader, Nebulord. Explore the alien home-planet known as the V.O.I.D. and face new challenges with space-age gear.


Finding the Flowzone Expansion: Glide and grind above the clouds to reach the lost skate-cropolis in the sky, Radlantis. Journey through five Flowzone Layer regions to uncover the secrets of the lost city.


"Close Encounter Skate Deck": Access a unique in-game item to customize your skating experience.


Key Features:

Explore Radlandia: Traverse a lush skateboarding utopia filled with eccentric characters, vibrant locations, side quests, rewards, and trick opportunities.


Accessible Gameplay: Enjoy super tight controls and refined gameplay suitable for players of all skill levels, from newcomers to seasoned pros.


Deep Combo System: Master over 100 tricks and combine them to achieve high scores and compete against global rivals.


Customization: Customize your character's appearance, tricks, and style to express your unique skating personality.


Additional Information: The Rad Edition requires the base game of OlliOlli World to access the included expansions. Players can dive into new challenges, environments, and gear with the VOID Riders and Finding the Flowzone expansions, expanding the adventure beyond the base game's content.


Experience the accessibility, depth, and player freedom of OlliOlli World Rad Edition as you embark on a skateboarding journey like no other in the vibrant world of Radlandia.

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